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June 2011 Archives

Divorce leads to criminal charges in Ohio

What would drive a father to abduct his own children? This is the question many people in Ohio have been asking themselves since Thanksgiving of last year. In a high profile case, a man engaged in a vicious divorce and a struggle over child custody now faces criminal charges of parental abduction.

Many Ohio parents lose drivers' licenses for failure to pay child support

Child support can be a major point of contention for separated couples. Many families rely on support payments to make ends meet. When payments are not made, they have no choice but to bring legal action against the person who is not paying.

Budget cuts impact child support enforcement in Ohio

Parents raising a child on their own can face enormous financial strain. For divorced parents, the loss of an accustomed second income can often leave a custodial parent with mounting debt. The situation can be extremely stressful, both for the custodial parent and for the children.

Ohio bill would protect military parents' child custody rights

Choosing to go on active duty can be an extremely heart-wrenching decision when you have a child. It is even more challenging when there are child custody issues to resolve. It may seem like you have to choose between serving your country and serving your family. For divorced parents, the Ohio state legislature recognizes this dilemma and has passed a bill that will protect the custody rights of military personnel on overseas deployment. It will now proceed to the Ohio Senate for ratification.


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