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State looking for new ways to collect delinquent child support

Perhaps one of the most difficult divorce issues for couples to settle is child custody. Yet, even when custody is determined, whether through an agreement or a court's ruling, child support determination remains. Meant to financially support a child's best interests, including everyday expenses and healthcare and education costs, child support is paid to the custodial parent by the noncustodial parent. However, many Ohio counties are struggling to collect these payments.

Ohio counties challenged to increase child support enforcement

Both those seeking to enforce a child support order and those having difficulty making payments according to a child support order may seek out resources to help through the court system.

Doctor's medical license suspended for unpaid child support

There are times when parents have issues with child support. In some cases, the paying parent believes the amount of their payments is unfair. In other cases, the receiving parent may feel that the payments are inadequate for their child's needs. Utilizing family law resources in Ohio is a good course of action for both custodial parents and paying parents when child support issues arise.

Man named United States' "Most Wanted Deadbeat"

Parents in Ohio should utilize the family law process, which is available to help, when struggling to collect, or pay, child support.

Hidden assets lead to 17 year jail term

Ohio residents may be interested to learn of a recent case involving a man who hid assets in order to avoid paying child support. The 50-year-old California resident has been ordered to pay fines of $500,000 and sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment. In addition, a judge ruled that he must forfeit $2.8 million in assets.

New application makes child support easier

Expense accounts are a way of life for many people, and Ohio residents might be interested in a new app that takes the lessons learned on keeping track of business expenses into the realm of child support. According to its developer, the app makes it possible for divorced parents with busy work and life schedules to keep track of the details inherent in even the best laid plans for child support payments.

Automated child support payment issue leads to jail sentence

Ohio residents may be interested in a child support case that occurred in Texas. The father of a young boy has received a six-month jail sentence after a clerical error resulted in a shortage in his child support payments. Despite repaying the $3,000 that was overdue plus an extra $1,000 to balance the debt, the opposing counsel refused to settle his case.

$14 billion in child support goes unpaid yearly

A new report recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau claims that many parents in Ohio and around the country are commonly not paid the entire amount they are owed in child support. In fact, the report states that as much as $14 billion in child support payments go unpaid nationwide each year. That amount is more than a third of the total amount of such payments that are owed to custodial parents.

Ohio working to reach 70 percent milestone in child support

Of the 88 counties in Ohio, only half achieve 70 percent success with collecting child support payments. The state recently enacted legislation that requires every county to hit that 70 percent mark by 2015. A spokeswoman from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services stated that the new requirement is good not only for families but also for the state. Ohio receives money from the federal government in order to support child support collection, and it will receive more support with higher collection rates across the state.

Child-rearing costs continue to rise

Every parent in Ohio knows how expensive it can be to raise a child. Data released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture states that the average cost of raising a child born in 2012 will come out to $241,080. The study factors in seven areas of spending, including housing, transportation and clothing, and is used to determine payments to foster parents as well as child support costs.


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